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Published on: August 30th, 2022

We have pleasure in awarding the PRIZES for the JUNIOR MEGASAGA competition as follows:

It was HARD! So many of the stories submitted were worthy of a prize, and to give out so few was just unfair. But in every competition there have to be winners! But be sure of this: there are no losers. Everyone who submitted is a winner in life.


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Cast away from the gates of heaven, an angel grounded in the pit of hell. With range and selfishness, the angel made himself sovereign of hell and with him the first wife of Adam, empress of hell, Lilith, together they ruled the underworld. Whispering hatred, lust, greed to the ears of those who walked upon earth. Kazau, son of the great serpent bound to enter the earth and wreak havoc to the streets of Johannesburg. Till the stars flourished and the sun rose he did as he was destined …until a night where he fell in love with a mortal.

THE JUDGES SAID: Powerful stuff.  Someone who is excited by words and has probably been to church quite a lot or had the Bible read to her.  It is the last couple of lines that really stands out:  we are suddenly out of the whirlwind and in Johannesburg and then the wonderful and the stars flourished and back to earth with the final words.  It is a bit like a piece of music


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“You are useless,” he said In a calm and collected way as if what he was saying wasn’t about to pierce into someone’s heart. He stood, maintaining eye contact. You could see that he had no sense of remorse. As soon as I left the room, I broke, finally letting my tears escape. His words had cut deeper than his hands ever could. I’m not saying it is his fault, he just has no idea the damage he causes. He utters without thought and breaks souls without noticing.A father had broken a daughter, I wept. Like always

THE JUDGES SAID: This astonishing story was left out of the first shortlist by mistake. It is a story that comes from the heart, and is deeply shocking. The last words are so well crafted: ‘Like always.’ A perfect example of bathos, leaving the reader wanting more.


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WHY THERE ARE ROCKS by Ganie Sindana

Once upon a time there was a place called Arekopaneng deep inside the jungle where Giants made from rocks lived, they lived 100million years without being disturbed .

One day a giant decided to go explore the woods just to look then come back then a human appeared, he jumped “I think we got one!!”the giant ran as quick as it could! And told the chief what had happened.

The giants were ordered to go hide, sleep and never show themselves again some shattered Into pieces and that’s why there are rocks, mountains and hills on earth!

THE JUDGES SAID: Loved this one.  A real story.   Full of invention and the lack of punctuation which does, of course, need to be corrected, makes it read most appropriately as though the teller is breathless with excitement. (I hope it is his or her own invention but would like the telling even if it isn’t.)


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Who doesn’t believe in love? Especially those long and romantic movies that might make one to be taken away by their minds to the magic world filled with a cool golden breeze of love. I guess that person is me. I often feel annoyed whenever I see people getting trapped in the name of marriage and literally finding no way to escape from this deep dark cave called love.

Well that is what I believed until I saw this gorgeous young lady bearing the gifts of drumming which made me to fall in a dark hole called love.

THE JUDGES SAID: Amazing!  It is so direct and unselfconscious and poetic!  ‘The golden breeze of love  . .’   What is not to like?   Doesn’t matter if he or she has picked it up from movie magazines.  It shows a love of words.  And it doesn’t hurt that I don’t quite know what the experience was.

CONGRATULATIONS ALL! Winners, Shortlisted authors and EVERYBODY who submitted a story. You are all wonderful and deserve a bright future, whatever you do.