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Our Impact

Responsible impact for sustainable communities
In everything we do, we aim to make a responsible impact that does not create ongoing dependency. We recognise that youth and communities cannot thrive without resources such as food and social services and that education is paramount to sustainable outcomes.


Over 100 000 youth impacted and 15 000 youth accessing Afrika Tikkun centres each year

8419 Young people reached

3359 Families supported

71 000 Emergency & Covid-19 relief food parcels delivered

1319 youth placed

99 Bursaries awarded

3132 Youth trained in demand driven skills and 1790 equipped with work readiness skills

1598 Placed in employment and 412 in learnerships

5000 Youth in Alumni network

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How you can get involved

Stimulating a passion for learning and the growth of skills, Afrika Tikkun inspires youth in South Africa to reach their true potential. Our interventions help to build sustainable communities where diversity, equality and families thrive.
Join us as we work to overcome the interconnected challenges of unemployment, poverty and educational and social inequalities.
Afrika Tikkun, where development means empowerment.

Corporate sponsorship

Whether you’re a two man show or a large corporate team, you can choose to empower. Donate directly or get in touch to chat through a tailor-made giving approach that suits your business and your employees.

Start a fundraiser

Want to start your own ‘kindness campaign’, run a marathon, or share your birthday with Afrika Tikkun? Set up your fundraiser on Just Giving and then share with your community to start raising funds for Afrika Tikkun’s youth. Give us a shout if you need a hand!

Tell your friends

If you like what we do and want to be a part of growing our mission, why not share a post on your social media and let your friends know who we are! Online or word of mouth, we appreciate every time our story is shared with new people.

Our Partners & Donors

Sindi's story

Sindi age 5 – a beautiful little girl who lives with her mother and 3 other siblings near Afrika Tikkun’s Mfuleni centre. Little Sindi was diagnosed with a lung condition that requires her to use a breathing aid 24/7. When Sindi joined our Afrika Tikkun ECD programme, our Empowerment Case Administrators encouraged her family to join the support group for parents of children with disabilities.

Some legacies are built on a Tuesday

A story forged on a Tuesday. That’s how it started. Two visionaries after the same rainbow – Nelson Mandela and Bertie Lubner, founder of Afrika Tikkun – met on the second Tuesday of every other month to discuss the love they both shared for their country, South Africa. What transpired was a deep seated friendship,


Michael Walter Scott legacy

Our father, Michael Walter Scott (1932-2019), had a long and prosperous relationship with the Lubner family both in South Africa and England. When he passed away, dad requested that his children decide which charities should benefit from his legacy. We all agreed that a South African charity would sit most comfortably with us.Over the years, we had become aware that Bertie Lubner had established a charity to help disadvantaged South Africans. So we researched Afrika Tikkun more fully, as an acknowledgement to my father’s connection with the Lubner family. In additiion to the excellent website, Bertie’s grand daughter Daniella, who we know through equestrian cirlces, also spoke informatively about the charity. We found the ethos and breadth of Afrika Tikkun to be very inspiring. Its diverse, all-round and positive programs appealled to us. The process of donating was also easy as Afrika Tikkun is a charity registered in the United Kingdom. We could not be more delighted to have chosen Afrika Tikkun and feel a little bit of our dad rests productively helping South Africans, especially at this time of Covid 19. Sue, Greg and Mike

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