Partnership with Stonehage Fleming celebrates huge Award success in Year One

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Partnership with Stonehage Fleming celebrates huge Award success in Year One

Published on: October 3rd, 2023

127 young people in South Africa are celebrating achieving their Bronze Award – and the ‘life changing’ effects it has brought with it.

In 2022, Stonehage Fleming announced their 3-year charitable commitment to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to deliver the Award through Afrika Tikkun, reaching over 600 disadvantaged young people in South Africa to develop essential skills and lasting positive outcomes.

And after just one year, the partnership is thriving. Not only have 127 young people achieved their Bronze Award, but they are already seeing the demonstrable benefit the Award can have.

100% of participants reported that they experienced improvement in core skills, such as resilience, problem solving, and confidence. And 84 % felt the Award added value to their career paths.

And it’s not just the young people that are experiencing the impact – but the Adults too.

“It’s beautiful to see how a programme, in a few months’ time it can just change the perspective, change the way young people view life”, said Precious, Award Coordinator at Afrika Tikkun.

“It is a life changing experience for young people. It has changed me. It has changed everyone who has been in touch with what we do.”

A new cohort will now begin their Award journey, as the partnership continues into year two. Whilst the Bronze Award holders will continue onto their Silver Award.

“We’re very excited about continuing our involvement over year’s two and three [of the partnership] and seeing the impact of that beyond”, said Hamish Sinclair, Partner at Stonehage Fleming.

You can see Precious and Award participants discuss how the Award has impacted them in the video below.