Ndalamo Tshishonga’s Story

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Ndalamo Tshishonga’s Story

Published on: September 11th, 2020

I am 28 years of age and a YES program candidate at Uthando Centre (Afrika Tikkun) as a Social auxiliary worker Assistant. I joined Uthando Centre on the 29th of May 2019 as a Social Auxiliary Work student from Luxe College to do my practical for a period of one year. I was very amazed by the job Afrika Tikkun does and how staff interact with each other. They all looked like a one big family and through my stay I learned that they are indeed a family. I did my practical under the supervision of Mrs. Rosina Ramonyai (Senior Social Worker) and with the support and guidance from Nontsikelelo Henrietta Khunju (SAW).

During my practical year I learned a lot at Uthando and really enjoyed the events such as the Child protection parade, Gender Based Violence Dialogue, Mandela Day event (sports Day), Heritage Day event, and all the young urban woman events and meetings they did on the year 2019 and that made me feel that I belong to this big family because there was never a dull moment. Attending all this events enhanced my growth as a professional working in a child and youth care facility. I enhanced my skills and knowledge about working with able-bodied children, children living with disabilities, groups and community at large. This has been and continues to be a learning journey for both my personal and professional growth. Furthermore, it allows me to meet with different professionals from other disciplines which adds more value in my understanding in this field. I have gained strength and ability to conduct social dialogues, events and partake in every activity that requires Social Auxiliary Worker’s attention of cause with supervision. Another milestone that I underwent in this organisation is attending training that enhances a professional with skills and knowledge such as the Gender sensitization training, legitimate leadership, child protection and constant meetings with the supervisor to check on my progress in the space of learning.

On my journey with Uthando Centre I got a contract of a one year as a YES program candidate, which I was appointed as the Social Auxiliary Work Assistant on a SSS department on December 2nd 2019. Working as social Auxiliary Worker Assistant helped me to grow and to have confidence in myself. I can really say I am a talkative person but I have always had low self-esteem when it comes to facilitating session. The position I hold now has built my confidence so much in a way that I took initiative of entering the annual business entrepreneur competition hosted by Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS). By entering the competition, I didn’t think that I will really make it to top 10 and to actually win the competition. The experience of the competition was amazing and I was very happy and surprised when they announced that I took position Two on existing business, Afrika Tikkun has really helped me grow and I am grateful for all the experience I get here at Uthando Centre.

How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. The clock is ticking, and not one minute can be relived. A social worker is pulled in a million directions. And each minute is lived to the fullest

Anne Frank