Afrika Tikkun is an organisation driven by highly skilled, motivated and passionate individuals who come from solid business background and believe that real change is possible.

Our business model is a solution orientated model which seeks to forge a link between the development we seek to achieve amongst young people from previously disadvantaged communities and the Investment world.

We achieve this through seeking to assist companies in evaluating their transformation mandate against both revenue targets and social impact outcomes. Through this model we are able to provide our clients with four main solutions:

Ownership Solutions

Here we provide equity ownership to corporate clients looking for a broad-based black economic empowerment partner. Over the last few years, we have developed our internal commercial capabilities through partnering with a number of skilled professionals who understand our objective to be an optimal Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment partner. We add tangible value to companies and ensure that the benefit of our shareholding relationship creates a multiplier effect for the company and commensurately on the work we do with young people from cradle to career.

Socio Economic Development Solutions

For those looking to create sustainable developmental impact, we are your ideal partner.
Our Cradle to Career 360 developmental model ensures that whatever your need, focus or interest, we are able to help you achieve it. The holistic and longitudinal nature of the model, enables us to respond to any challenge or strategic objective be it educational, skills, career, nutrition, health or psychosocial. Given that our model seeks to tackle challenges children face at every stage of their development and education until they mature into young adults capable of accessing the economy, we are well positioned to meet a wide variety of philanthropic, social development or social responsibility interests.

Enterprise Development Solutions

Since becoming operational in 2013, our sister company Afrika Tikkun Services, is increasingly taking steps to improve its capabilities and market share in the recruitment and placement industry. The focus of the company is to accelerate access of Afrika Tikkun graduates into various entry level opportunities. We support clients throughout the B-BBEE compliance process – from aligning scorecards – to achieving tangible impact, with clearly defined returns on investment. Afrika Tikkun Services has been certified as a fully compliant Level- 2 Enterprise Development beneficiary in line with the requirements of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and all criteria contained therein.

Skills Development Solutions

With learnerships proving to be a vital element in the skills development toolkit for companies’ transformation agenda, we strive to develop an entry to mid-level workforce, aiding the empowerment of young job seekers. We specialise in end-to-end learnership, Internship and general placement project-management. Project administration covers candidate recruitment, assessments, training, delivery, M&E as well as resourcing and deployment. Our Skills Development programmes in particular are designed to help meet both client internal and external transformational needs. We are particularly proud of the flexible nature of our learnership placement solution which finds you a partner host site, taking full accountability for overall process management.


Tax Deductibility

We provide you with industry-specific skills development tax deductibility status.

Employee Volunteering

We offer employee volunteering programmes and team building at community level.

Sustainable Impact

The ability to have a measurable and sustainable social and economic impact.

Transformation Objectives

We are positioned to meet all corporate transformation objectives.

Regulatory Support

We provide support to maximise governance and regulatory requirements.

Awareness Benefits

We can assist with marketing and brand awareness benefits.