A very big thank you for visiting the Try to Feed campaign page in support of Afrika Tikkun.

It is just under a year until the 2019 Rugby World Cup (RWC) in Japan and I will be donating £20 to Afrika Tikkun for every try I score in this season and the season leading up to the 2019 RWC.

With the aid of rugby professionals: Sebastian Negri; David Ribbans; Farai Mudariki and Jesse Kriel we aim to raise funds and awareness for Afrika Tikkun through the “A TRY to Feed” campaign.

Afrika Tikkun is a charity I hold close to my heart. I once was an underprivileged child in South Africa, and I know the struggles of the children in both urban and rural areas of South Africa, who have little or no access to education and food and it’s charities like Afrika Tikkun who literally change lives. I could have very easily needed an Afrika Tikkun in my life and so I ask you to kindly donate to Afrika Tikkun in support of the “Try to feed campaign”.

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A donation of just £2 can feed a child for a day.



Jesse Kriel

“It costs nothing to be kind to someone”

Club Team: Blue Bulls
National Team: South Africa

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Instagram: jessekriel15
Twitter: JesseKriel15
Facebook: Jesse Kriel

Sebastian Negri

“I have been afforded some of the best opportunities in life now it’s my time to ensure others are given a chance to better their quality of life”

Club Team: Benetton Treviso
National Team: Italy

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Instagram: slnegri04
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Farai Mudariki

“Extremely happy and honoured to be a part of this charity, I am and will continue to support it in years to come. Healthcare and Education are fundamental in a child’s life and for me coming from Africa I have seen how these things can change a child’s life. Keep up the great work ! “

Club Team: Worcester warriors
National Team: Zimbabwe

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David Ribbans

“Making a difference”

Club Team: Northampton Saints
National Team: Uncapped

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Jean-Luc du Preez

“Making a difference”

Club Team: Natal Sharks
National Team: South Africa

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Donate a once off amount or choose from our selection below of £1, £25, £50, £100, £200, £500 per try. Any and all donations will contribute to helping our young people and improving their Cradle to Career lives.