Mission: Sustainability

Last month, we shared news about the new borehole that has been drilled at our Orange Farm centre which will bring the centre, and the broader community, clean water.

Our sustainability mission continues and this month we want to share news about the solar installations that have been happening across our centres.

Let there be light!

We have now completed the installation of solar panels across the Diepsloot and Mfuleni centres. The above picture features the solar installation at the Diepsloot centre with a moody skyline in the background. Along with the panel installation, we have installed batteries that will allow for the storage of solar energy, keeping the panels functioning even on gloomy days.

Both the borehole and solar operations will contribute towards our efforts to come ‘off the grid’ and become independent from (often unreliable) electricity and water supplies.

UN Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Afrika Tikkun and Renaissance Foundation

In the last week of October, in partnership with The Renaissance Foundation – a London based youth charity – and HSBC Bank, we hosted a Sustainability Challenge highlighting 3 of the sustainability-oriented SDGs. 15 young people from Afrika Tikkun and 15 from the Renaissance Foundation came together online and were tasked with developing solutions for some of the most challenging sustainability issues facing our global population.

It was an incredible three days of collaboration where we saw young people from South Africa and the UK come together to design some awesome solutions!

It was a privelege to see these young minds in action, thinking about a sustainable way forward for our planet. We look forward to continuing this cross-continental collaboration and finding ways to bring these solutions to life.

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