Afrika Tikkun celebrates Youth Day

June 16th is Youth Day

On this day, we commemorate the Soweto Uprising and the incredible power and resilience shown by South African youth in the fight for freedom and for quality education for all.

Through our mission to bring holistic development opportunities to South Africa’s youth, Afrika Tikkun honours the more than 176 young people who lost their lives on this day in 1976.

Afrika Tikkun is working hard to ensure that all of our children and young people remain safe and importantly, continue to learn during this time.

We have various measures in place to keep our children learning and engaged. These include distributing paper activity booklets; online activities, storytime, exercises and spot-tests; weekly facilitator check-ins and mentoring support via phone.

It is clear that online learning is going to play a crucial role in education going forward and Afrika Tikkun is committed to facilitating this transition and making online resources widely available to our youth. We are currently fundraising to extend access to tablets and smartphones for our young people so that they can access the wealth of educational resources available online.

If you are interested in finding out more or supporting this initiative, click below.

Firing up the stoves at Mfuleni!

In March, our friends at Carglass Netherlands donated a set of stoves and ovens to our Mfuleni centre as a gift in anticipation of their visit to the centre in April. With the closure of the world and of our centres, the visit could not take place and our centre staff have not been able to take advantage of this awesome gift until now.

Gradually things are coming back to life and our Mfuleni kitchen staff are back to (safely) making delicious and wholesome meals with their amazing new equipment!

Simon Sinek Speaks to South Africa

Last week, renowned optimist and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek, spoke to panelists from the South African Jewish Report. It was an honour for Afrika Tikkun to be the featured charity during the evening.

Sinek reminded us that:
“Your ‘why’ is the value you give to the world”

Finding our ‘why’ can help us to direct our passion more effectively and to find fulfillment and motivation in our lives.

A huge thank-you to the SA Jewish Report for chosing to support Afrika Tikkun during this special event.

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