Big Give 2019

The festive season creates a wonderful feeling of abundance and generosity and we feel compelled to share it and help others where we can. Often, we wish our contributions could be stretched a little further….. well, fortunately, this December, during the Big Give Campaign, they will be!

The Big Give is the UK’s number one match funding platform. Founded by Sir Alec
Reed in 2007, The Big Give recognises that we are all “givers” on some level, and
provides an easy and reputable donor platform to ensure your donations make the
intended impact. Or, in the case of the Big Give Christmas Challenge, it doubles
the impact by doubling your donation.

Afrika Tikkun is again joining The Big Give’s Christmas initiative to inspire people to dig deep, give big and watch their donations being doubled. In our last Big Give Challenge, thanks to the generosity of people like you and our pledgers, we managed to raise over £85,000 towards helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa, become economically empowered and
the best versions of themselves.

Would you like to join us this year in changing people’s lives?

This year, we’re focusing on sustainability, entrepreneurship and agri-preneurship. South Africa’s emergence out of poverty and record unemployment highs, cannot simply depend on traditional work ideas and solutions and the formal economy. We need to think differently, creatively and laterally and come up with plans that allow our South African Youth to enter the workforce, earn fair livelihoods and perhaps become future employers! Entrepreneurship, now with your help, to be extended to Agri-preneurship, is a central pillar and approach of Afrika Tikkun towards solving the youth unemployment crisis amongst South African youth. The reason we have chosen to extend our Entrepreneurship Programme to become Agri focused is because South Africa has been hard hit by climate-related disasters and therefore community-level, eco-friendly responses to these climatic and social challenges are truly inspiring and create a perfect platform and springboard for more opportunities that include education around sustainability, greening, the planet and entrepreneurship and agri-preneurship. This season, let us help you multiply your giving, amplify the impact and change the lives of the young people in South Africa. We thank you (doubly) for your big hearts.

Here’s the impact you’re having: Meet Ntsiki

After losing his father, Ntsiki, as he is commonly known, could not complete his Sports Management tertiary studies and dropped out in 2015. In 2017, he returned to Afrika Tikkun Mfuleni centre and registered for the Work Readiness course. “This programme made me see life in a very different and positive way. It taught me how to carry myself and treat people around me, as well as how to tackle various obstacles in my personal life and the world of work,” shared Ntsiki. His progress improved even more when he got the opportunity to be placed in a learnership.

He is now the breadwinner and only employed member of his family of 5. When asked what his future looks like, Ntsiki said: “Well I see myself successful and I have always had this dream of becoming a donor one day here at Afrika Tikkun because I am a living testimony of what this place can do for youngsters like myself. I’m very proud to call myself a Tikkun product”.

They say when you are living just to survive, you stop dreaming, and when you stop dreaming, you stop planning for the future. The Career Development Programme has helped thousands of young people realise their potential by enabling them to have access to the economy.

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